Eagle Peak New Outdoor Pocket Blanket 60” x 56” – Waterproof Great for Music Festivals, Camping, Beach, Hiking, Outdoor Sporting Events, Picnics! Durable with Bag, Corner Pockets, Loops, and Stakes.


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LIGHTWEIGHT, STURDY, AND COMPACT - The Eagle Peak pocket blanket is super compact when folded and the perfect size (56”x60”) when unfolded. PERFECT FOR YOUR NEXT OUTDOOR ADVENTURE. Perfect for camping, hikes, music festivals, picnics, backpacking, and enjoying the great outdoors. WATERPROOF, SAND PROOF, & DURABLE – The unique materials used in our pocket blanket provide a completely waterproof and sandproof surface so you can stay clean and dry. ACCESSORIES INCLUDED – Eagle Peak blankets include a pouch with carabiner clip for your backpack, and durable yellow stakes that fit thru the corner loops. Enjoy the great outdoors with the new super compact Eagle Peak waterproof pocket blanket. This waterproof mat is an essential part of your outdoor gear as it allows you to stay clean and dry no matter where you are. Great for concerts, a picnic, festivals, camping, lawns, and much more this blanket makes a great gift. The foldable design and light durable fabric provide the perfect combination of functionality and efficiency. You can even use it as a rainfly if you get caught in a downpour. Eagle Peak pocket blankets also include convenient sand pockets on the underside of each corner to keep it from moving around, or for windier weather and for other surfaces the included yellow stakes can be pushed thru the corner loops to keep the tarp secure.

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