Peanut Vibrating Massage Ball, 4-Level Portable Vibrating Massage Roller with Adjustable Intensity - Great Massage Device for Back, Deep Tissue, Neck, Glutes Aids Recovery and Mobility - Electric

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YOUR OWN PERSONAL MASSAGE THERAPIST: Our Massage Tech vibrating foam roller is like having your own personal massage therapist in your gym bag. Use if before and after weightlifting, cross-fit workouts, running, tennis, martial arts, or any other workout to help reduce muscle pain and tightness and increase flexibility. TAKE IT WITH YOU TO THE GYM: Our vibrating roller is both portable and rechargeable with a full 2 hours of massage time per charge. It’s 13” long and 6” in diameter so it will fit in your gym bag and based on 15 minute massage sessions you can get in 8 massages per charge which is typically a full week of usage. FEEL BETTER RIGHT AWAY & ACHIEVE YOUR FITNESS GOALS: Tight and sore muscles not only limit flexibility and mobility, they can also lead to muscle tears which can keep you on the sidelines for months. The Massage Tech vibrating foam roller enables you to use your own body weight coupled with the vibration engine to work those tight and sore muscle groups and trigger points. STATE OF THE ART 3-SPEED VIBRATION TECHNOLOGY. Choose the perfect vibration intensity to work your sore muscles and increase mobility. Our high quality vibration engine is the best in the industry and allow you to choose between low, medium, and high intensity massage settings. And our MultiZone grid pattern design allows you to better reach into those smaller trigger point areas if needed. Frustrated with sore and tight muscles? Looking for faster recovery from workouts? Then the “new for 2019” Massage Tech Vibrating Peanut Massage Ball needs to be in your workout bag! The MT Vibrating Massager combines a unique 2 ball shape with 3 levels of vibration intensity to provide the fastest relief for those sore and tight muscles and bound up myofascial tissues. The MT vibrating massage ball is like having a massage therapist in your workout bag. You simply turn it on and roll it around your body to massage your neck, shoulders, hamstrings, glutes, lower back, upper back, quads, or calves. The unique rubber grip texture helps keep it in position and the high intensity lithium ion driven motor really penetrates deep into tissues and trigger points. Our built-in rechargeable lithium ion batteries and industrial strength vibration engine provide 2 hours of use per re-charge --- typically enough for 2 weeks of use (based on 15 minute sessions per use). And our polypropylene shell maximizes energy transfer into those tight zones in your body.

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