Elements Vitamin D3 5000 IU Sunshine Vitamin — 360ct Softgel in Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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Vitamin D is one of the few nutrients we have a hard time getting from food. Sometimes called the "Sunshine vitamin", but it is not recommended by dermatologists to rely on UV exposure to get your daily Vitamin D. Without vitamin D, the body cannot use calcium and phosphorus, two minerals that are necessary for healthy bones. Here's more why Vitamin D can help: Maintain bone health. We all remember from school that calcium keeps our bones healthy and strong. But we can consume all the calcium we want, our bodies won’t absorb a lick of it without vitamin D. Fight against Diabetes. As we get older our bodies can become insulin resistant, setting us up for type II diabetes. Vitamin D has shown to keep our bodies insulin sensitive so we don’t overproduce the hormone. Boost your Energy. Feeling chronic fatigue but also can’t sleep? Does it get worse in the winter and maybe have an element of depression? These are signs of a simply vitamin D deficiency and can easily be addressed! Start feeling more alive again!

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